Wednesday, 2 December:

Creating a Distributed Distributed Consensus Protocol Consensus Protocol (Alec Grieser)

Blockchain Voting (Sugat Poudel, Austin J. Varshneya, zencart subscription payment gateway Xhama Vyas)

Distributed Bitcoin Mixing with Curiosity (Carter Hall, Reid Bixler)

Beyond the Lightning Community – Exploring How one can Scale Bitcoin (Muthu Chidambaram)

Mixing with Miners (Morgan Locks)

Pruning Nodes (Cyrus Malekpour)

Bitcoin Block-dimension Options (Michael Parisi Presicce)

Bitcoin Controversy and Conflicts of Curiosity (Jacob Freck)

Detecting Egocentric Mining in Bitcoin and Litecoin (Fangyang Cui)

Geopolitical Strategy and Bitcoin (Eashan Kaw)

Divergence of Alt Coins and their Concurrent Developments (Cody Robertson)

Akropolis is an Ethereum-based mostly decentralized financial (DeFi) protocol that goals to provide users with an autonomous ecosystem for rising and saving wealth. It offers a variety of products, including Delphi, a yield farming aggregator, AkropolisOS, a framework for creating for-profit decentralized autonomous organizations, and Sparta, a platform for uncollateralized lending.

There are additionally 140,596 addresses which can be richer than $100,000 based on knowledge supplied by BitInfoCharts. Solely four addresses have more than 100,000 coins, which is in general not frequent. If exchanges want to hold funds, they generally have totally different wallets to do so relatively than one. These may be extremely giant whales that want to have their funds in simply single wallets. Most of them are Bitcoin house owners with large quantities of funds.

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