The hashrate at main crypto mining swimming pools – teams of miners in different locations that team up to produce bitcoin – together with AntPool and F2Pool was on Thursday at 1215 GMT down round 14% from its level late on Tuesday, based on information from mining agency Neither pool instantly responded to a Reuters request for remark,

-Passive assaults. We show that F2Pool’s Stratum implementation leaks sensitive miner information not only by cleartext communications but also indirectly, by hashrate dependent inter-packet timing. We introduce StraTap and ISP Log, passive attacks where adversaries precisely infer the earnings of victim miners, given either captured transmissions of these miners, or only their log metadata.

“If you’re trying to relocate hundreds of millions of dollars of miners out of China, you want to make sure you will have geographic, political, and jurisdictional stability. You also want to make sure there are non-public property rights protections for the assets that you’re relocating,” mentioned Darin Feinstein, co-founder of cryptocurrency mining operator Core Scientific.

Iran’s Power Era, Distribution, and Transmission Company (Tavanir) has been going after underground crypto farms, closing them down and confiscating a whole bunch of thousands of mining machines. If identified, their operators might be fined for damages inflicted on the distribution network and a report revealed final month that the government is getting ready to extend the penalties.

In hardware mining, miners own a mining rig of their very own and have to determine whether to mine solo, or to join a mining pool and contribute to its computing power payment gateway plugin in zencart exchange for a share of proceeds. They need to take care of all prices associated to sustaining and upgrading the hardware, and to have a reliable internet connection always.

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