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First, monetary institutions reminiscent of commercial banks and credit unions function a place for customers to safely hold their cash in checking accounts and занять 2000 рублей на карту savings accounts. These firms additionally allow folks to develop their cash with a relatively low quantity of risk (when compared to investing in the inventory market) through curiosity-bearing accounts akin to certificates of deposit and cash market accounts.

See J. M. Keynes, Normal Principle of Employment, Interest, and Cash (1936); J. Niehans, The speculation of cash (1980); J. Wheatley, An Essay on the speculation of money and Principles of Commerce (1983); A. Schwartz, Money in Historical Perspective (1987); J. Hicks, A Market Concept of money (1989); C. Rogers, Money, Curiosity and Capital (1989); J. Goodwin, Greenback (2002); N. Ferguson, The Ascent of money (2008).

This is a method of placement whereby cash deposits are divided into smaller deposits of cash. This method is used to keep away from detection and anti-money laundering reporting requirements. A sub-part of that is to use smaller quantities of money to purchase bearer instruments, such as demand drafts, after which ultimately deposit these, again in small amounts of money. Smurfing is another variation of Structuring.

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